What Makes Advanced Laser So Unique?

ADVANCED LASER is Washington DC's first (and only) laser center specifically devoted to tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is all we do. Our clients come to us expecting the best technology, education and service available which comes from offering only one service.

How Much Does A Consultation Cost?

Consultations are always free of charge. The consultation is important for us to examine your tattoo and educate you on the process. This allows you to feel comfortable and have realistic expectations about the procedure.

What's Involved In A Consultation?

First, we take a health history and evaluate your tattoo. Then we review the procedures, explain the risks-benefits-options, answer your questions and establish a price per treatment.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our Fee Schedule

$75   / treatment    Up to 1” x 2”  upto 2 sq inches
$150 / treatment    Up to 2” x 2”  upto 4 sq inches
$225 / treatment    Up to 3” x 3”  upto 9 sq inches
$300 / treatment    Up to 4” x 4”  upto 16 sq inches
$400 / treatment    Up to 5” x 5”  upto 25 sq inches

You may qualify for our special discounts. Ask for details.

How Are Tattoos Removed?

ADVANCED LASER uses the state-of-the-art Q-switched laser. This is a low risk non-invasive procedure. The laser delivers very short pulses of high intensity light into the treated area. The tattoo inks and pigments selectively absorb the light without affecting the normal surrounding skin tissue in the process. The ink is crystallized into smaller ink particles that are harmlessly removed by your body's immune system in the weeks following treatment.

In most cases tattoos are completely removed. However, there are many factors involved in the removal process including the depth, density, color and how your body responds to treatment. After each treatment a little bit more ink becomes fragmented.

Is the process painful?

Most clients describe the laser treatment as being snapped by a rubber band and the discomfort is roughly equivalent to having the tattoo applied. We minimize client discomfort with our Zimmer cooling system. We take the extra time you sure you are comfortable and most clients are able to to resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

Does the laser process cause scaring?

The chance of scaring is unusual (less than 5%) if you follow aftercare instructions. Temporary redness like sunburn, swelling, blistering, and scabbing may occur following laser tattoo removal and treatments and disappear in a short time.

How many treatments will it take?

The number of treatments is based upon your ink type, color, depth, and volume of ink in the skin, your skin pigment, and immune system. Home-made tattoos usually take 1-4 treatments. Professional tattoos take 4-10 or more. The removal process take time, but ADVANCED LASER uses the safest and most advanced technology available to ensure the best results.

Why do I have to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments?

The laser breaks the ink into smaller fragments. Your immune system purges these fragments from your body, just as any impurity is removed. The 4-6 week interval between each treatment lets your body do its job. Treating a tattoo more frequently will not speed up the process.

What about partial removal or lightening?

Our laser has the ability to treat a section of your tattoo while leaving other areas unaffected. In preparation for a cover up, your tattoo can be lightened in just a few treatments. This will reduce the chance of your old tattoo appearing through the new one.

What do I need to do

You must avoid significant sun exposure or tanning for 2 weeks before the treatment. We cannot treat sunburned skin. After the treatment we apply healing ointment and a bandage. You may ice the the site, but the treated area should be kept clean and dry and out of the sun that day. A shower can be taken the next day, but the site should not be scrubbed.